A bright new way to the future

Hello my friends. I was privileged to attend an evening with Arthur Goldstuck held by “Mobile Monday”. These fantastic forward thinking people opened my eyes even wider than they already are. Yes I have a good idea of where we need to go. These people have a roadmap set out all the way to 2020 and beyond with regard to where technology is taking us.

With the advent of nanotechnology in electronics the last 20 years we can now start to see the visions of futurist like Alvin Toffler (1973) becoming a reality. Although the last 40 years has not seen a single new invention registered since the 70’s we are not doing too shabby.

More and more people are using smaller and better technology to improve their quality of life instead of cluttering it with heavy cumbersome objects we used to have to impress people. We today have one device that covers many items we had to carry around with us if we wanted to use then regularly. Here is a list of them in one device. Camera, diary, shopping list, note pad, computer, TV screen, Hi Fidelity system, video recorder, Dictaphone, photo albums, GPS or maps, fitness monitor, heart rate monitor and many more.

We are moving forward to a more connected way of life. We will need to realign our way of thinking of how we will work in the future. We already have computers doing jobs previously done by humans or assisting humans to do 50 to 100 more efficiency. This is done through computer programs and hardware integration.

We have things like booking your storage unit online. Now you don’t have to go to the venue and book and pay for your ticket. You can now simply logon and process your storage unit booking and online payment and you are done in 5 minutes.

We agree with all these highly educated men and women. The future is not about how big and how much we have. It will focus more on what we need as and when we need it. No need to clutter your home and life all the time. Put all your clutter in a safe place for when you want it. Live in a more compact high quality home with all the amenities’ to fulfill your lifestyle and you will be freed up to do more fun stuff.

You will be able to work flexible hours, even do some work from home so the need to go to the office each and every day will be less of a burden as your office will be a virtual one in cyber space. Which means you don’t need to own a car. You can just catch a taxi (Uber) when you need to or rent the correct car for the weekend away. If you do own a car you won’t need to keep it at home. You can leave it in storage unit and just have it come and collect you from home when you need it (as the car will be autonomist or self driving), thus reducing the need for parking spaces at home. No more garage to collect rubbish in. Just pay for living space and rent storage space as you need it and to think, you can own a car and never actually drive it.

If we are to believe all the hype and see the future life. I think it will be a wonderful place to be. Working from home most days and only going to the office when needed. I know we at Cedar Storage aim to reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing technology to improve efficiency and productivity of all our employees over the next 5 years.

We are currently able to process all our bookings, debit orders and billing online 24/7. That means I can be home in bed looking over the fields full of cattle while helping a client move in, in Cape Town Toronto or New York. Stress free and with no errors as the client has uploaded his/her own details on the system. We are at the edge of South African online technology.

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