Top 8 reasons why you should use self-storage in a downturned market

We at Cedar Storage have spent many years building our fantastic modern storage facility knowing that economies go up and down all the time. Here is why we believe you should use our services.

  • Down size, as living costs spiral out of control we offer affordable space to keep your hard earned belongings safe.
  • Saving money makes life better, now you have moved to the smaller home to save money. You now have the time and money to enjoy that bicycle or Quad Bike you keep stored.
  • Saving time, improves the quality of your life, time for family and friends.
  • Maintain your standard of living. You won’t need to move your children out of that good school you worked so hard to afford to put them in.
  • Keeping it simple, we will take care of your stored belongings to the best of our ability. Monitored CCTV cameras with armed reaction and multiple layers of security.
  • Easy access, our complex is open 7 days a week for your convenience to help enhance your lifestyle. Fetching those fishing rods has never been so easy, keeping everyone at home happy to be clutter free.
  • those family heirlooms safe. We all have part of our history we want to keep for our children as it is important to the history of our families. We do it well.
  • Saving you money, Now that you don’t need 300m2 home and can fit the family in 150m2 with all those valuables you have accumulated over the years when business was booming kept at Cedar Storage for safe keeping for the next upswing to come. As we know it always does.

I hope this helps a few people to cope with the predicament we find in our lovely country. Don’t panic or runaway as so many do. We consolidate, improve and live to the maximum.

Food for thought, “We cannot change the problems we face, We can only change our approach to how we deal with them”.

In my humble opinion. Peter Dirk Uys said it Best “Adapt or Die”

Till next we meet. Anthony

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