Getting ready to start the new season

Finally winter is subsiding and the spring is drawing closer. Time to change gear and get that body moving. We have an awesome summer coming again with sun, food and lots of fun.

Time to get the old BRAAI out and get it clean and shiny. Prepare the garden for spring and my favorite is the early mornings. Sitting on my patio outside my bedroom door looking over the valley watching the leaves turn from brown to green. Seeing the grass that burnt over the winter get green shoots all over and the birds start to return to the lake in the valley.

We have already had a massive increase in the number of small birds visiting our complex which is a sure fire sign that spring is on the way.

Remember that green slimy water feature in the garden, good time to see if the pump still runs (I know we don’t always have power, hey it would still be nice for the birds to drink clean water. Don’t remove any winter covers just yet I might warn, September is not over yet. It has been known to snow in September in Johannesburg from time to time.

Take your bicycle down to your local bike shop and have it serviced you know you didn’t do it before you put it in storage, the missus wanted that new eiderdown. When the weather warms a bit we can go for a short Sunday ride maybe. Start getting the legs ready for the 94.7 again. The more we take care of the little things now the better our summer will be. Remember it is 9 months long and we have lots to do in our beautiful country. I will be heading for the mountains early spring to get the last bit of training in near Pilgrimsrest. A time for great food and adventure again. I can’t wait to hike up some mountains and smell the sweet scent of pine trees as the push forth their spring needles. The old ones lying on the ground decaying and full of new life with bugs and worms. Not forgetting spiders and scorpions.

So even if the summer toys have been put into your self-storage facility don’t despair. I am sure your local KTM dealer or Suzuki (Dirt Style) would be more than happy to take your favorite toy and get it ready for you. If they need to order that part from Germany or Japan at least the 2 week wait won’t mean you miss the first ride of summer. I have even seen more boat activity around the dams.

I know I have to organize my unit so we can access the camping gear this year. Hey I could even get my fishing tackle up to date. Yes you guessed it, I am a man with many toys and hobbies. So I have a really large storage unit, 27m² to be exact. A gadget junkie of note.

Let’s make 2015 a rediscovery of our beautiful country. Get your mountain bike down, grab a tent and bag. Head for the hills or even a dam. We have so many places close no matter where we live. "Local is still lekker". I could go on for hours but I won’t you need to make time to live life.

Ciao till later


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