Welcome back to the grind

I was just pondering the year ahead now that we have all recovered our splurge from Christmas and new-year. What a great year 2014 was for us at Cedar Storage. We had a very good one indeed. We posted record sales and record occupancy.

We at Cedar Storage must thank all our loyal patrons for using our services again and again here in our little complex. We also had record collection on rents payable which has made some people very happy.


The "Secret" teaches us to be grateful and we to the last person here. Yes we worked at putting a better type of tenant in our complex who has a good credit record, we also have a few success stories of clients who used our services in a time of need and made good on their word. One client resolved to stop his alcohol abuse and other substances and all he needed was for us to give him a little time to find his feet. The team in the office kept a sharp eye on his account and made sure he was doing all he said he would. This client even lost his wife at a very early age of around 35 to a heart attack. With constant support from his friends and family and just a little motivation from our wonderful people’s people in the office he managed to get all done and dusted after 2 years of hard work from his side and a little lenience from the BIG BOSS. To moving his household goods out of storage into a small home he now occupies with his daughter. For this we are grateful that we could witness a success story first hand.

No we didn’t all become stinking "RICH" in a year, we all became happy "priceless". We managed to rent the units we had and collect the monies due to the storage company. From this we paid our debts and paid wages. That’s all we ask I suppose.

Our company has also committed to supply "Operation Smile" with a unit for its Gauteng Operations on going too. I rode the Argus as well for the charity. That was great as I rode in solidarity with the Cape people and for a cause. Yes it was reduced luckily for me as I had not prepared for the race as usual. For that I was grateful.

Looking forward

Some things moving forward in 2015. We aim to conserve as much water as possible and energy. We hope to have an inverter system installed soon so as to ensure our Storage facility operates at 100% at all times for your convenience. We also hope to complete all our construction on site before the end of 2017 so we can concentrate on our indigenous gardens for people and birds to enjoy. We also aim to become independent of the grid for our office using Solar Power. This too will only improve our efficiency for our clientele here at Cedar Storage. With a more reliable power source we will have less interruptions with our high standard of service delivery to you our patrons. "Let’s face it. It is better to get it done rite the first time".

So remember we are always happy to see you in our office. Even if you just pop in to say "Hi" to us. We would like to keep offering you all the best service we know in the Self Storage Industry.

Everyone needs some space.


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