Old to new

We the "modern people" think space is a new challenge in the world. Well here is a little eye opener for us all. We have lived in Cities and towns for around 5000 years now. Space to live and spend time has always been a priority for us silly humans.

We have as the Greeks would say become a decadent society. We always want more and bigger than before. This greed fueled by mass media and the ever growing need for more has become all over powering in today’s society. I am by no means immune to the desire to do better and improve what I have or what I have done. I am a mild mannered man with a quiet drive to be first. I don’t need bells and whistles with a whole lot of fanfare. I will leave that up to my brothers.

My personal secrete to achieving my Zen or Nirvana is to "keep it simple stupid" I would like to think my vision to offer an affordable service to people while building my dream of an investment that will produce income way beyond my lifespan. Who knows? Maybe my children will see value in my plan and build on it for the next 200 years.

Yip you got it. My passion and dream is to make space available to many so they can pursue their dreams and build a future that will make them happy. I am the storage guy. As I said KISS is my motto in life.

Getting back to the topic at hand we need to understand that we have had a space problem for many centuries and storage has been the solution. We at Cedar Stoarge never invented it nor did we claim to be more than a storage provider. We offer affordable storage to many people and aim to increase our market share in the future. Yes we make money, we also provide friendly service with the best security in the self storage business.

Part of our passion is also to innovate in our chosen industry. We are the first storage company to offer real online bookings like a ticket vending company. Fast safe and simple. We aim to introduce online payments and many more features moving forward. We do this to help you our customer have a better experience and provide you with the space you need to live your life to the full.

You are probably wondering what those two pictures have to do with this. Well simple. The first one is of buildings that are around 300 years old built in a small town in France and the second is in Paris France. They show us how we as people have changed little in all that time. We went through a phase here in South Africa where we had plush large homes with lots of space and storage. Today we live just like the rest of the world. More compact homes with little or no storage space. We now understand that this is not a new challenge but a one that rears its head from time to time. Hell even the Egyptian’s made people pay for storage.

Space will always be a challenge, use it wisely so you don’t clutter your life. Keep things of value to you and keep where you live clear of clutter. Focus on your dreams and passions and don’t let other people make your dream less than what you want it to be.

Have a great start to winter.


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